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Can You Mix Valium And Zopiclone

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Welcome to Navchetna Kendra

NAVCHETANA KENDRA founded by Dr. Gopi Chand Gupta (Passed B.I.M.S.,A.D. in 1965 from A. & U. Tibbia College And Hospital , Delhi ) is an authentic Ayurvedic centre with the mission, “To propagate the goodness of Ayurveda worldwide“. Under the leadership and guidance of Dr. Gopi Chand Gupta It is dedicated to the mission of creating a happier and healthier society by reviving the Ayurveda Science.

NAVCHETANA KENDRA has a team of 45 Ayurvedic doctors all over India, who provide free consultations to patients daily across different cities and towns in India. We Manufacture / Importer / Exporter Ayurvedic medicines and products and provide health consultation through its telemedicine center, clinics and website all over India. Our efforts to make our nation free from alcohol addiction are still spreading all over India with great success. They have not only saved their own life but have also saved their families. We have achieved significant success in the fields of disorders related to Diabetes Mellitus, Gastritis, Hypertension, Joint Pain, Migraine, Obesity, Underweight, Female Sexual Dysfunction, Male Sexual Dysfunction, Thyroidism etc.

Navchetana Kendra, All India based Healthcare organization, managed by Mr Raj Kumar Gupta (Chemical Engineer, passed in 1989) is also engaged in the cultivation of Herbs, their processing, extraction as well as their formulation. We deal with Herbal formulations, Healthcare supplements, Food supplements, Supplements for the alcohol de-addiction, Standardized Herbal Extracts, Essential oils, and Medicinal oils. We manufacture and supply more than 200 standardized herbal extracts like Maca Root, Tongkat Ali, Ginseng, Green Coffee Bean, Kudzu Root, Milk Thistle, Ganoderma, Irvingia Gabonensis, Marshmallow, Rhodiola Rosea etc. All medicines are extract and root based, so very effective in treatment of different diseases. We make sure that we provide treatments which are time-honored, effective and at the same time without side-effects. Ayurveda is the traditional Indian medical system, which maintains that health, is based on the harmonious relationship between three humours of the body called 'doshas', namely ‘Vata’, ‘Pitta’, ‘Kapha’. The tridoshas govern all the metabolic activities in an individual; any imbalance of these tridoshas leads to various diseases. Ayurveda deals with all aspects of life- the body, mind and soul. It is the only system that advocates preventive therapies along with healing therapies by means of purification and rejuvenation. It is a science and an art of living to achieve health and longevity. Ayurveda treats the source of the disease instead of its symptoms; and prescribes medication for prevention and cure. All Ayurvedic medicines are derived from plants, herbs and other vegetable sources that do not cause reactions or side effects.

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